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כביש 16 - רמת שלמה כלונסאות דיפון בסלע.JPG

Infrastructure projects and slopes

"Creative approach, professional and rich experience in foundation, in all the variety of soils... Above all, an approach that says the problem is difficult and complex, we will study it well and adapt an adequate solution to it"

David Nissim, project manager

Our office specializes in providing solutions for a variety of geotechnical challenges, related to infrastructure: neighborhood development, earthworks, road construction, retaining walls, tunneling, bridges and slope stabilization.

The office uses advanced technological tools to obtain the best information about the terrain route, such as measuring by drone and creating a 3D model, to find solutions that lead to maximum efficiency and savings for the projects: starting with the maximum use of local material, to advanced methods such as an armored earth wall that was carried out for the first time in Israel by our office.

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רכבת ישראל לוגו
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נתיבי ישראל לוגו
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Lod train

Train terminal that includes buildings, docks, bridges and more

כביש 16 מחלף בייט כ-16-624 פורטלים וקירות_edited.jpg

Road 16

Bridges and portals for tunnels planning project


Gaza strip underground barrier

An underground barrier

on a huge scale

on varying

types of soil


Development of Avni Hefetz neighborhoods

Establishing new neighborhoods that include all the infrastructure, residential buildings and sheds on a steep slope

Deformed mesh.png

Analysis project of the National Airport

Analyzing the effect of light rail tunnel mining on bridge foundations over tracks

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