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Value engineering - reducing the cost of a construction project

Value engineering in the field of construction, allows savings in the costs of the project and on the basis of studying and examining its various engineering aspects and formulating recommendations for changes in planning and implementation while maintaining the quality of the final product.

As a provider of soil consultant services, at Moti Yuger we make sure to incorporate in our services the professional aspect of "value engineering" which allows us to control existing land reports, construction plans and projects in the execution or finalization processes. Our professionalism has enabled us in the past and during the examination of plans of private projects of building houses as well as business-commercial projects to present alternatives for saving significant amounts that made it possible to get started with an execution budget that is tens of percent less.
"Value engineering examines ways to improve the function of the product, and to make it cheaper by reducing the raw material, reducing the accuracy requirements and streamlining processes" (Gideon Halevi) and this from a professional engineering approach based on proven academic tools as well as the many years of experience of the Moti-Yuger Engineering company .
We specialize in value engineering services for reducing construction project costs under commitment.

Value engineering, what is it?

The field of value engineering is institutionalized and includes several steps:


Research and data collection


Developing alternatives

Evaluation of alternatives

Forming conclusions

Introducing a recommended alternative


and in further detail and based on standardization such as the international ISO 15686.

Information gathering

  • What is going to be done?

  • Who is the performer? What is the required result? What must not happen?


  • What is the method of measuring and evaluating the alternatives?

  • What are the different approaches to providing the alternatives?

  • What are the alternatives that will allow the presentation of a similar result as required?


  • What is required to be done?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Are there alternative ways to achieve the goal and the required product?


  • Which of the alternatives is preferred and will yield the best result?

Developing alternatives

  • What are the consequences?

  • What are the costs?

  • What is the performance?

Presenting alternatives

  • Presenting alternative solutions to the client, recommending the best alternative and tools for making a decision.

If you would like to learn more about the academic-professional background of the value engineering approach, you can find a lot of material in volume-2 of the book "Engineering Design" by Gideon Halevi published by the Open University at the link here.

Do we perform Value Engineering?

Definitely yes.
The professional workforce at Moti Yuger Eng allows us to carry out cost reduction processes in projects and by using a value engineering approach. In the past, we have already carried out a number of complex construction cost reduction projects that managed to significantly reduce the final construction cost for the client - whether in private construction or in large-scale business construction.
However, it is important to note that at Moti Yuger Eng., the focus is not only on reducing costs through material savings, but is mainly based on a thorough examination of the construction methods and finding efficient, safer and cheaper alternatives.

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