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The "Briga Towers" project by Yuger Consulting won the 2021 Construction Excellence Award

A complex construction project, which was accompanied by Yuger Engineers Soil Consultants Offices, won a prestigious award from the "Excellence in Construction" competition of the Haaretz Builders Contractors Association, the Foundation for the Encouragement and Development of the Construction Industry and out of a hundred projects submitted to the competition.

The prize was awarded to the project "Briga Towers" in the category of "Residential building of ten stories or more. The towers are located on the coastal strip of Netanya, and include two 34-story towers with 14,000 square meters of recreational areas and 208 apartments and were built with an investment of about 800 million shekels.

The complexity of the route and the nature of the soil, the proximity to the sea and the complex construction challenges required a particularly thorough and professional soil consultation. This is how the win was justified, on the committee and with reference to the environmental planning and development challenges in which Yuger Soil Consultants was also involved: "Each tower is covered with aluminum 2200 double glass to maintain complete insulation and withstand the weather of the coastal area. During the construction, a variety of innovative technologies were used, and emphasis was placed on Regional development and advanced environmental planning."


The urban and environmental space

The project is located about 300 meters from the beach of Netanya in the 'Ir Yamim' neighborhood. The investment in the development of the neighborhood and the suitability of the infrastructure stems from its unique location and the influence of the maritime space, the dune sand and more on the construction and the urban space, hence the need for a thorough examination of the land and the constraints it brings with it and the presentation of technological-infrastructural solutions for the construction process so that it remains economical. It will allow, and as the mayor, Miriam Fierberg-Icher, explains: "The new neighborhoods are enjoying unprecedented success, both locally and nationally, mainly thanks to their level of finish and the development of the preliminary infrastructure - which is often done before occupancy."

The uniqueness and professionalism of the firm of soil consultants Yuger Eng., allowed it to accompany this unique and prestigious project and based on the value engineering approach allows saving the costs of the project and on the basis of studying and examining its various engineering aspects and formulating recommendations for changes in planning and implementation while maintaining the quality of the final product.


About the prize

The judging team is made of professionals in a variety of fields, including representatives of the Ministry of Construction, the Standards Institute, the Green Building Council, the Union of Engineers, the Association of Architects, the Real Estate Appraiser's Office in Israel and other bodies. The team examines the project based on many indicators, including design and construction quality, functional planning, green construction, engineering complexity, use of technologies and environmental compatibility, and more.

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