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About Us

Yuger Engineers was founded in 1981 and specializes in providing geotechnical consulting services to entrepreneurs, the largest and leading companies in Israel, the Israeli government (including the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Defense), municipalities and local councils.
We are committed to the success of our clients and operate from a deep understanding of the business challenges they face. Therefore, we made it our goal to harness our engineering excellence and our decades of experience in the field to provide unique and creative solutions whose purpose is to save costs and execution time. 
Our position in the engineering market in Israel as an authority in the field for the business and public sector.
Also, our company is engaged in providing legal opinions as an expression of our professional superiority and validation with the authorities.

Our team


Eng. Moti Yuger

Founding Partner & Chief Engineer

Moti Yuger has over 40 years of experience in the field of land and foundation consulting, including several years in the American consulting company  "Woodward & Clyde Consultants", One of the leaders in the field of soil engineering in the world. He holds a bachelor's degree (Bsc) in civil engineering and a master's degree (Msc) in soil engineering from the New York Polytechnic Institute and previously served as a soil engineering lecturer at the Givatayim College of Technology and the Rupin seminary in Emek Hefer, and as a committee member and consultant for standardization. As a leading figure in the field of land consulting in Israel, Moti Yuger implemented, for the first time in Israel, a number of grounding and land reclamation methods and technologies, including the CMC method - Concrete Modulated Columns.

דניאל ז_edited.jpg

Eng. Daniel Zlusky

Partner and Senior Engineer

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering (structures track - B. Tech) from Ariel University in 2011. Graduated with a master's degree in geotechnics track (ME) from the Technion in 2018. Worked in the company since 2011, partner in the company since 2018.

orit leffler.jpeg

Orit Lefler


Graduated with an LLB degree in law, with about a decade of experience in managing international companies that include business activity in developing markets in the Far East, Europe and Canada. Orit has extensive experience in the fields of regulation, international trade and business development.


Eng. Khaled Hariri


Graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering - structures BSc and holds a master's degree in civil engineering (geotechnics) ME, from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Licensed structural engineer with over 5 years of experience. Since 2019, structural, soil and foundation engineer.


Eng. Yonatan Ashta Yaberken


Graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering B.Sc - major in structures of the Faculty of Engineering, Ben Gurion University. Graduated from the IDF Academic Reserve Track - Engineering and Construction Division. Student for an M.Sc in Civil Engineering - Specialization in Geotechnics, Ben Gurion University. Has about 7 years of experience in various military and civilian positions such as project manager and executive engineer.

דניאל ל_edited.jpg

Eng. Daniel Levav


Graduated with a bachelor's degree (B.Sc) in civil engineering with high honors, Ariel University. A master's degree student in the geotechnics track at the Technion. Former lecturer and practitioner in a variety of courses at Ariel University and Rupin College, as part of engineering and construction engineering studies. Has a seniority of over 3 years in our office.


Eng. Ali Abed Al Jafar


Graduated with a bachelor's degree (B.Sc) in civil engineering in the structures track with honors, a master's degree student (M.Eng) in the geotechnics and tunneling track at the Technion. Practicing courses at the Technion and the former Sami Shimon College. A registered structural engineer with two years of experience in construction planning.


Avichay Rubin


Graduated with a bachelor's degree. B.Sc in geological sciences with an engineering major - Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Third year B.Sc student in civil engineering - structures major. Ariel University. Has experience of 4 years in the field of soil engineering (geotechnics). Has experience in a wide variety of projects, such as: saturated construction, neighborhood development, infrastructure, industry, TMA 38, private construction and more.


Ziv Raz

Manager of contracts and engagements

Graduated with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management, over 20 years of experience in management in the field of operations and logistics, with over 5 years of experience in managing operations and sales in the field of land and foundations.


Hasida Butzer

Welfare director


Alice Zarfati


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