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Soil consultant

A soil engineering consultant protects you and your interests vis-a-vis the professionals who are going to build your house: the consultant analyzes the nature of the soil and recommends how to establish the infrastructure to prevent drifting or subsidence of the building in the future.

There is no legal obligation to hire the services of a soil and foundation consultant, and since the building engineer (construction engineer) should provide a response in this area as well, it is certainly possible, and even recommended, to hire such consulting services separately. To understand better, we have put together a short guide for you: How to choose a land consultant

Why should you hire Yuger services as land consultants? Eng. Yuger, born in 1950, graduated from the New York Polytechnic Institute with a B.Sc (1976) in civil engineering and an M.Sc (1978) in soil engineering. and over 30 years of experience in the field of soil foundation - as a lecturer, a member of national standardization committees and of course in hundreds of consulting and accompaniment projects in the private, industrial and public sectors and accompanied by a team of soil engineers, civil engineers and geologists and additional operational staff. 

The content of the land and foundation consulting service will be a land survey, an examination of the environment, initial advice on the nature and depth of the foundations for the foundation, as well as actual accompaniment of the works in the field. When choosing a land consultant, it is recommended to pay attention to - 

certified land consultant - ask to see the consent certificates.

Academic background and in particular mastery of Israeli and international regulations, laws and standards.

Seniority and proven professional experience including references.

Specific experience for the type of infrastructure planned.

Legal and technical support.

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