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Soil and foundation consulting

The field of soil consulting and foundation engineering is a derivative of the field of geotechnics and is usually acquired from engineering studies in an accredited academic institution, or in other institutions that grant a certificate in this field.
The land consultant himself, is the professional authority whose role is to protect you and ensure your interests against whoever builds your house!


Naturally, each soil has specific permanent characteristics (sand, rock, clay, chalk, etc.) and its own static and dynamic requirements, but the soil can react and behave differently when the environment changes from site to site. Therefore, a point-by-point, professional examination that takes into account all aspects and is based on a geological soil survey and drilling is extremely essential. The soil consultant's recommendation and report refers to the planned infrastructure (construction as a building, house, road, bridge, etc.) and is based on an in-depth geological examination of the soil type and its environmental characteristics. The foundation and taking into account the planned construction infrastructure as mentioned. 

In practice, the soil and foundation consulting process requires appropriate training in the field of geology and in order to supervise the test drillings, after which a "field of samples" will be presented which will be integrated into the soil report, which will include a recommendation for the nature and depth of the required foundation. The field tests can be based on SPT testing or full depth drilling as well as soil sampling After the construction engineer completes the execution plan, the land consultant adds his approval and in accordance with the findings he presented earlier. In most cases, the land and foundation consultant will also accompany the actual execution upon arrival at the work site and to make sure that the contractor implements the land consultant's recommendations. According to the findings in the field, a consultant The land can present interim reports with warnings or comments and/or a final report for approval of the execution.
In addition, the process is accompanied by legal documents and reports that constitute binding professional instructions for the other professionals involved in the project, therefore a professional land consultant will accompany himself with legal and technical assistance as required - make sure of this in advance!
How do you become a land consultant?
To become a certified land consultant and so that you can identify and verify that your consultant is indeed properly certified - check the requirements of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and whether he is registered in the "Land and Foundation" section as required.


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