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Ha'Imahot Street, Tiberias

The construction of Ha'Imahot Street road in the marlstone area was problematic - a method of execution saved millions of shekels

The challenge:

Marlstone area is prone to landslides, a fact that did not allow the completion of the road to the west. In addition to the road, the last structure towards the additional road section slid towards the northwest, towards the road.

The solution:

Before we got involved in the project, a very complex solution that included piles and permanent anchors in marlstone was proposed. We proposed an alternative solution of "stilt farms" only, where the road itself is a concrete surface cast on the stilts.

The piles were 90 cm and 110 cm in diameter and 50 m deep, and were built as a grid across the width of the road to its western end.

The assessment of the execution rate of the piles with the existing equipment in Israel was 1 pile every two days, but with the help of an imported machine the actual rate was 1-2 piles per day.

The solution resulted in a huge saving of time and money estimated in millions of shekels at the very least.

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