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Requirements for registration as a land consultant in the soil and foundation section

How do you become a certified soil consultant?

Beyond the necessary academic studies, the graduate must register in the labor branch at the Ministry of Economy and Industry (formerly the Ministry of Labor and Welfare)in the "Soil and Foundation" section if he meets the following requirements.

Of course, in order to meet the conditions for choosing a soil consultant, which is recommended here, it is important to first meet the basic requirement - registration in the land and foundation section.

Alternative A: studying relevant subjects

Having a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from a registered structural engineering school, which will prove that he studied and successfully passed the subjects according to the list below (for example as detailed in the Technion), whether he studied at any recognized institution in Israel or abroad:

The two subjects (prerequisite subjects given in the bachelor's degree):

014409 - Geomechanics
014411 - Soil engineering

and the following professions:

019003 - Numerical methods for engineers
018420 - Advanced soil mechanics
018417 - Seepage and slope stability
019427 - Constructive laws in geomechanics
019430 - Foundation
018416 - Introduction to soil dynamics
018418 - Supporting structures
016421 - Field investigations in geomechanics
019424 - Geotechnical aspects of an earthquake
019425 - The theory of plasticity in soil mechanics
019429 - Land improvement and slope stabilization
016403 - Introduction to rock mechanics
019908 - Advanced Engineering Geology
018423 - Advanced Seminar in Soil Engineering

A total of 16 professions.​

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