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הר טוב - מבנה תעשייה - מגרשים 50-51 - ה-20-401 מסמרים ודיפון.jpg

Commercial building in Har Tuv industrial area

A second opinion that led to a change in the execution method in two supporting walls and saved a lot of time while reducing costs by hundreds of thousands of shekels

The challenge:

Deep excavations of up to 20 m in problematic soil (marlstone), near buildings and active infrastructure. 

Aspiration to avoid permanent and temporary soil anchors.

The solution:

The solution included changing the anchors to nails on the first wall and turning the second wall into a graded wall instead of an anchor wall.

A series of calculations and tests was performed to examine different support solutions using a software.

Working closely with the customer (executive contractor) while examining alternatives and adapting them to the constraints and preferences of the customer.

Making tiered rows of piles with horizontal connection of concrete floors and making permanent soil nails, as an alternative to permanent soil anchors.

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