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Residential projects

"I left another consultant who, in my opinion, did not know how to deal with the complexities of the project... the recommendations I received are that the best soil consultant in Israel is Moti Yuger. After learning about the issue, the solutions came immediately and we proceeded according to the soil consultant's instructions while saving millions in execution costs."

Shlomo Alfie, Neot Ahim construction

For decades, our office has accompanied residential projects by providing creative solutions that result in significant savings in foundation costs, sometimes amounting to millions of shekels. 

We accompany a large variety of entrepreneurs and contractors in new construction projects, from single residential buildings to complexes that include hundreds of housing units and combine neighborhood development and establishment of buildings. The work includes conducting a soil survey as required on the site (trial drilling/geological survey) and preparing a soil report which includes specifications for execution, while cooperating with the team of planners chosen by the developer and using advanced foundation methods to provide the most economical solution for the project.

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Selected projects - residential


Development of neighborhoods in Beit Shemesh

Development of several neighborhoods in Beit Shemesh on complex and problematic soil


TMA 38/1 Osishkin st. Tel Aviv

An existing structure based on slabs on thick clay near the groundwater level

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-20 at 10.09.04 (1).jpeg

Netanya Trio Towers

Foundation of three 26-floors residential towers using an innovative method that saved millions of shekels

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-28 at 09.55.45.jpeg

TMA 38/1 Fayvel st. Tel Aviv

Project TMA 38/1 in Tel Aviv which included hanging a building for the purpose of digging under it.


Kfar Saba construction project

Second opinion for a residential building of a purchasing group and a solution for the successful completion of the construction both financially and during the execution.


El Matan neighborhood, Ma'ale Shomron

Second opinion, providing a solution of adapting the foundation to the findings while performing and reducing about 60% of the pile volume.

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