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What is creative engineering?

Soil engineering is a critical part of any construction project. This is an area where every solution must meet an engineering audit and required rules of safety factors, geotechnical parameters and standards. These rules are the threshold requirements, but they are not the only parameters. When we come to plan the appropriate solution, we must also take into account cost and time saving aspects that will ensure higher profitability for the project.


Creative engineering - the key to finding the most efficient and economical solution


There are standard and accepted solutions in the field known to all consultants, but sometimes they are not the optimal solutions from an economic point of view, and in extreme cases their implementation may make the entire project useless. However, there are also unconventional solutions, which meet all the required rules but guarantee simplification of the problem and savings in costs and time.

From the beginning, Yuger's office placed the client's needs at the center and always strived to offer the optimal solution for each project. The ability to do this is derived from decades of experience and ongoing monitoring of the professional literature and developments in the field in the world, but no less than this from the approach and worldview of creative engineering.

In Yuger there is no problem that does not have a solution and there is not one possible solution. Each and every project is subject to in-depth thinking by the team and the search for alternative solutions "outside the box", compared to the standard solutions. 

Israel's leading firm in innovation and creativity

This approach made Yuger the address for "difficult" projects for which no economic engineering solution could be found, and today many projects of other consultants come to our office, after the standard solutions did not work. This approach also made Yuger a leader in introducing modern foundation methods which over the years have become the standard methods. For example, in 1992, our office introduced to Israel the method of walls with soil nails, which was applied for the first time and with great success on the Tefen-Karmiel road. Today, 30 years later, stabilization of excavated walls and slopes with this method is common property.


In conclusion, entrepreneurs and planners working with Yuger guarantee themselves a relative advantage in the field of soil stabilization. Yuger's creative engineering results in the best solution from an engineering and economic point of view. Sometimes it is worth millions.

A selection of the complex projects we have dealt with


Ha'Imahot st. Tiberias

The construction of Ha'Imahot Street road in the problematic marlstone area


Gaza strip underground barrier

Construction of an underground barrier on a huge scale and in varying soil types


Underground parking lot, Sha'are Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem

A foundation solution for the parking lot that includes monitoring the implementation and providing local solutions


Lod train

The construction of a train terminal, including buildings, a fire station, platforms and bridges

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