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Commercial and industrial buildings

"There is a common language, professionalism, mental flexibility, creativity and a lot of experience. In addition, a high level of service and availability, always answered with a smile"

Jacob Markovich, Y.H. Demary

In projects in this field there is a need for an accurate characterization of the customer's needs.  These are often complex structures for which the type of foundation must be adjusted to achieve maximum cost savings on the one hand, and ensuring the stability of a structure that meets the planning requirements on the other. For example,   in certain buildings certain subsidences can be accepted, while in buildings that have facilities sensitive to displacements (for example an automatic warehouse) the structure must be restrained to receive minimal displacements.


Yuger's office specializes in finding creative solutions to achieve these goals and has very successfully carried out hundreds of projects for warehouses, warehouses, industrial buildings and shopping malls while saving up to millions of shekels per project.

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Selected projects - trade and industry

הר טוב - מבנה תעשייה - מגרשים 50-51 - ה-20-401 מסמרים ודיפון.jpg

 Commercial building in Har-Tuv

A second opinion that led to a change in the execution method in two supported walls

כביש 16 מחלף בייט כ-16-624 - 4.jpg

Hadera commercial building

A second opinion for a logistic center on an area of about 11 dunams, which saved the developer millions of shekels and shortened the execution time.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-22 at 10.45.54.jpeg

Haifa Chemicals South - industrial buildings and facilities

Carrying out several construction and repair projects 


Nesher Ramla

Carrying out a variety of projects on the territory of the cement plant.

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